Computer Repair Price List (Residential)





Troubleshooting 1 computer using a combination of expertise and tools. (More)


Virus Removal

Removal of all viruses, spyware, malware and rootkits on the computer (More)


Full OS Clean-Up

A complete re-installation of the current computer software (More)


Remote Session

A 1010Tech troubleshooting 1 laptop or desktop computer via remote support tools (More)


Mobile Repairs

One-On-One with a Tech to help resolve your issue(s) in the comfort of your home (More)


Password Recovery

Resetting of all Windows user log-on password (Including administrator account(s)) (More)


Laptop Screen Repair

Replacement of LED or LCD display, inventor, and/or cable replacement (More)

$79.99 + Part(s)

New Computer Setup

Removal of unneeded trial software, performance tweaking for maximum performance (More)


Motherboard Repair

Computer dis-assembly and installation of compatible replacement motherboard (More)

$99.99 + Part(s)

Hardware Upgrade

Upgrading & Replacement of requested hardware component(s) (More)

$79.99 + Part(s)

Hardware Repair

Repairing & configuration of defective hardware component(s) (More)

$79.99 + Part(s)

Data Back-up

Performing a complete back up of data on one device/computer (Data Files Only) (More)


Data Migration

The transferring of your important information to another device of your choice (More)


Data Recovery

Recovering of your data from a non-functional device, copied on media of your choice (More)


Disclaimer: Pricing listed do not include hardware/parts required, they are listed as labor only prices.  For data: pricing does not include medium or storage device(s).  All hardware supplied by 1010Computers comes backed with our standard 30-Day limited warranty.  Pricing may change without notice or may be adjusted if job requires more than average performance requirements.  Price list only lists the beginning pricing of each service, some repairs are multi-tier services and the pricing depends on the tier requirements.  We encourage all clients confirm pricing prior to scheduling or tendering your devices for repair. Data backup price shown above reflects the amount charged when in conjunction with another service/repair. Data backup only is $79.99.  All prices are subject to change without notice.  Pricing on parts are dependent on time of purchase as vendors may change prices without notice.  All quotes are good for 30 calendar days.