Bios | Windows Password Recovery



Have you ever changed a password to lock out someone else, and then forgot what it was? This service is great for you if you have a PC laptop or desktop computer that is locked by a Windows user log-on password. Stop your search and call 1010Computers today and to get your computer unlocked. Ask for our password recovery and we are able to unlock your computer leaving all of your important information intact.

Unlock It Today!

This Service Includes:

  • Resetting of all Windows user log-on password (Including administrator account)
  • 100% Guarantee.  If we can’t not remove the password, the repair is completely FREE!

*Note: This service includes Windows passwords for PC laptops, desktops, and bios or start up passwords for desktop computers.  This service does not include removal of bios or start up passwords for laptop computers.  *$20.00 mobile fee will apply to services rendered upon a service call.