Data Recovery




Do you use a computer? If the answer is YES, it is more than likely you depend on your computer for a ton of things; from storing precious family videos and pictures to performing tasks ranging from simple internet browsing to managing complex business tasks. This means your computer is the storage place for a lot of vital and critical data. How devastated will you be if your computer died today? Back up your data today.

Is it too late? That is why we are here! Just bring your damaged computer into our local store. One of our 1010Techs will diagnose the device to ensure the data can actually be retrieved.

(We currently have a 99.87 Success Rate as of (12/26/10))

Get Your Information Back!

This Service Includes:

  • A 1010Tech diagnosing 1 PC computer hard drive for software & hardware problems
  • A call with a quote, results of the diagnosis, and estimated time of completion
  • Your complete hard drive copied onto a CD / DVD / or flash drive or other provided storage media

[Tier 1 (Up to 256MB)] Only $79.99
[Tier 2 (Up to 512MB)] Only $109.99
[Tier 3 (Up to 3GB)] Only $149.99 
[Tier 4 (Up to 5GB)] Only $199.99 
[Tier 5 (Up to 10+GB)] Please call for quote

*1010Computers will keep a copy of your information for a period of 90-Days; at which time the information will be discarded

*It is our procedure to retrieve the entire hard disk drive; we do NOT recover parts of the hard disk drive.