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Having problems with your computer and not sure what is causing the problem? Bring your desktop or laptop computer in the 1010Computers and let our trained and professional technicians troubleshoot your computer and we will tell you exactly what is causing the symptoms you are experiencing.

It doesn’t stop there. Not only do we offer one of lowest prices you will ever get for a diagnosis for those who do not choose to proceed with their repairs,

Your diagnosis is completely FREE if the problem is repaired by a 1010 Technician.

Don’t wait any longer because most computer problems only get worse over time.

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This Service Includes:

  • A 1010Tech troubleshooting 1 PC laptop or desktop computer using a combination of expertise and tools
  • An estimate of the total cost of repairs (including both parts & labor)
  • If requested: the professional advice of the tech. of what he/she would suggest for your situation
  • A written summary of our findings and any suggestions given by the technician

NOTE: The price of the diagnostic goes towards the cost of the repair…making it FREE!  A service repair form and ticket will be created for each computer device to assure each device is documented, repaired, and passed through the rigorous steps of our procedure.  If the work is not approved to be performed after the diagnosis, a minimum bench/service charge of $40.00 will be invoiced and required prior to returning the computer device to the client.  The minimum for commercial clients is $75.00