Data Migration



1010Computers take the hassle out of data transfer. We can easily and cost efficiently move your data from one computer to another reducing the risk, minimizing common errors. Get your information where you need it, hassle free.

Control Your Data!

This Service Includes:

  • A 1010Tech troubleshooting 1 PC laptop or desktop computer using a combination of expertise and tools
  • Performing a complete back up of data on 1 device/computer (Data Files Only)
  • Your saved documents, pictures, music will be replaced on the computer after repairing
  • The transferring of your important information to another computer of your choice
  • Your information may also be placed on the media of your choice (flash drive, DVD, etc.)

*This service has a maximum of 4GB of data. Any data after the 4GB will be quoted during the repair.  *Storage media not included in price  *Programs cannot be backed up nor does this service reserve the activation of applications that require product keys or special licensing requirements; all required activation needs, are the responsibility of the client/customer. *$20.00 mobile fee will apply to services rendered upon a service call.