Full Computer/PC Clean Up


Summary: (Single Session Only)

Is your computer running or moving extremely slow? Do you have a computer that is giving error messages? Did you get a used computer and want it completely cleaned? Do you want your computer back to factory or “out-of-box” state? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place. The 1010Clean-Up will resolve these and more software problems. Are you tired of waiting all day for your computer to respond? Stop Waiting.

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This Service Includes:

  • A 1010Tech troubleshooting 1 PC: laptop or desktop computer using a combination of expertise and tools
  • Optional: Backing up of valuable data on the computer. (i.e.. Pictures, Documents, Music)
  • A complete re-installation of the current computer software
  • Perform operating system critical updates
  • Installation of all needed software applications to operate or open common file types
  • Test operating system for proper functionality
  • Creation of 1010Computers back up partition and system image for faster response time on future repairs


*1010Computers does not warrant software repairs but offers a 1/2 price 30-day warranty on virus removal.

*Extra costs for backing up data during virus removal.  *By accepting this repair, you authorize the 1010Tech to create the restore partition and repair image and installing on your hard disk drive.  Modification or removing of these installed components will immediately void your 1/2 price warranty.  *For computer devices that have hard disk drives that are too small to hold the backup image components, this portion of the repair will be omitted from the repair, and they will not qualify for the 30-day 1/2 price warranty.  All repairs associated with viruses, will be tested onsite with client, to assure the issues are not still occurring, and if there are any concerns, it is the clients responsibility to make the technician aware during the time of delivery or immediately after the occurrence. *$20.00 mobile fee will apply to services rendered upon a service call.