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The internet is the today’s main medium for communication.  Email is replacing postal mail, Google searches are replacing White Pages, Yellow Pages have converted to a great online company, and Google | Bing | Yahoo searches are potential clients 1st source to find products and services.  People moving to a new area, traveling, or that want to locate a business in their area are more likely to search for them on their smart phones, iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys, tablets, or computer than they taking any other route.

As a small business owner, it is clear that websites are becoming the new business cards of organizations.  They are 24-7 advertising sites that project your companies information around the clock world-wide.  The question is then changes from “do we need a website?” to “Who is the best company to help us build an online presence?”

The Answer Is 1010Computers!

This Service Includes:

  • An inital One-on-One meeting to discuss your website needs & wants; making sure you completely understand the process
  • A detailed outline or summary of what was discussed in the meeting
  • Real-Time updates and checkpoints along the way to keep you updated and informed
  • Timely completion of your project, meeting the target completion date
  • A completion review of the work; prior to launching the website live

The 1010 Difference

There are many things that separate us from our competitors.   

Our Pricing: Most companies charge thousands to the most basic website that includes only the design, while others charge you a moderately priced monthly fee that you pay “the entire time you are in business” which you will never pay off.  Here at 1010Computers we offer unbeatable website packages that include everything you will need from start to finish.  

The All-Inclusive website packages for small businesses include the following.

  1. Charges/Cost of obtaining your domain
  2. Charges/Cost for setting up your hosting account
  3. Your full hosting cost for the first year
  4. The designing or layout for your website (Scalable and never templates!)
  5. Assistance with graphic designing (if needed)
  6. Unlimited Professional Email Hosting Storage Amount
  7. Unlimited Email Account(s)
  8. Unlimited Database(s)
  9. Unlimited Hosting Space 

In addition to the many features we offer currently, we are constantly adding features and resources that will be offered to you to keep your company on top or ahead of the IT curve.

We are confident that when you compare what services and features with any competitor, you will see why many are switching to 1010Computers for their Website Services.




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