Professional Email Hosting & Support



Email is the new primary medium of communication for most businesses.  Every major company utilizes the power of email to communicate internally and externally.  Company email accounts are a great way on increasing the professional appearance and legitimacy of your organization.  Think of how you would react if your major utility company such as GA Power, Comcast, or ATT sent your monthly bill from an email address that was or or, etc.  People are very familiar with how email works and most companies email address ends in their domain name (Ex.  This tells anyone who receives email from you, where they can visit to verify you operate a real company or to find out more about your company’s history, products, and services offered.

Real businesses deserve Real email accounts!

This Service Includes:

  • Unlimited company email address or accounts for your business
  • Unlimited storage capacity for each mailbox or account setup
  • Unlimited customer support for any functionality issues
  • Unlimited email forwarding setup available
  • Unlimited email piping to customized programs
  • Unlimited company email groups
  • FREE tutorials and setup guids for mobile devices and applications such as Outlook, Blackberry, iPhone, and Android