Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)



What is S.E.O.?  Search Engine Optimization is exactly what the names suggests, it is optimizing your website and online presence in a manner that increases your rank on search engines.  Lets say you type in “Computer Repair in Griffin, GA” into a search engine such as (Google | Bing | Yahoo).  The search engine has thousands and some times millions of websites or pages that contain those words, and what happens is the search engine’s grade websites or pages based on a few various factors to determine which order the results are presented in.  Everyone’s goal should be to be on the first page of the results or listed at #1 on the results.  This increases your chance of potential clients finding you in comparison to another company who is on page 17 of the search results.  1010Computers has specialized tactics that can help you, if you perform a real search with the words listed above, 1010Computers will be on the first page, which has resulted in increased clientele;  we would like help get your company to the top of the search phrases that leads to new customers finding out about your great business.

Let Us Help Increase Your Rank!

This Service Includes:

  • Initial report of current website status including ranking on major search engines, Alexa, and other ranking organizations
  • Report of site recommendations and a plan of action to increase your websites rank on the web
  • If Applicable: Monthly reports for link building and website ping requests
  • Quarterly updates to your website’s status — showing the ranking improvements each step of the way