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What is 1010Computers History?

1010Computers, LLC. formally known as Jackson Proficient Services, LLC. established in 2005 is a service based computer repair and IT support organization.  What began as a completely mobile company only servicing residential customers, perform repairs on stand-alone PC computers, the organization has grown to occupy a store front location in McDonough, GA.  We have and continue to grow on two key principles.

  1. Keeping the client first and providing the most transparent, cost efficient, and most unique experience in the industry.
  2. Providing the services and repairs at prices that are unbeatable.  

We pride ourselves on not only being experienced (certified technicians) and providing real results, which is shown by our great “return-client” ratio but by also being as transparent as a company as possible.  Our company lists all of our services with detailed pricing as well as notifying each potential client of what they can expect from each repair — never hiding or changing prices on word of mouth.  Our pricing formula is extremely simple as seen on our  price list.  

1010Computers, LLC. is a real business providing real results.  We are a fully recognized organization by the IRS as well as GA Secretary Of State.

We understand that changes or utilizing a new company to handle your repairs and I.T. needs can be very scary with all of the under skilled and dishonest people in the world, but give 1010Computers a try and see what you have been missing!

What Experience Do 1010Techs Have?

All 1010Techs are required to go through a vigorous interview that consists of diagnosing and repairing live computer units or network environments prior to being hired.  We require that all technicians have successfully passed the CompTia A+ certification exam.  This exam is a worldwide acknowledged examination that is also required by many large corporations such as Dell, HP, and many other vendors.  Our higher level technicians also have obtained other certifications and degrees.  When a technician is placed in a position to repair your precious equipment you can be assured that the technician is well versed; he/she has a solid book knowledge of the industry as well as have passed a series of real life exams provided by our hiring staff to serve you.

For corporate or small business clients if you are interested in utilizing our services and you are still on-the-fence about the decision — we have a list of current business clients or references that can be produced for their current opinion of their real-time experience.

Where Do I Start?

Hopefully after viewing our website and ready about our companies history, and performing other investigative tasks such as reviewing our business client work, or searching our social media pages, to see the amount of positive reviews real clients have given us and the 250+ people that have liked our company from their secure FaceBook accounts, you are ready to give us a shot.

You can start by calling 404-585-6253 to schedule an appointment or visiting our store location.  Below are some quick links for helping you navigate through the site for more information.  All links are also located at the top navigation menu of each web page.

Thank You for Considering 1010Computers!

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