About 1010Computers


The Vision That Started It All – JPS

1010Computers, LLC. formally known as Jackson Proficient Services, LLC. (2005) began with a vision. The originator of Jackson Proficient Services, LLC. felt that the current market consisted of two types of I.T./computer repair companies.  The major player (Geek Squad) and the mom-and-pop shops.  While both companies operate in their own arena, they both lacked very key aspects.  The major player was not very affordable for the average person, and the mom-and-pop shop did not have the resources, experience, or skilled man power to accommodate for all of the customer’s needs.  The vision or goal of the company is to fill the void that both arenas, making a new more affordable and robust organization that handled all computer repairs and IT services for both residential and corporate/business clients.


The Evolution – 1010Computers

Jackson Proficient Services, LLC. began as an organization that catered to residential clients only and the services mostly consisted of stand-alone device repairs – due to the lack of resources required to service larger commercial clientele. The company currently operates from a store location in Griffin, GA and in 2013, due to the growth of income, clients, and demand; the services offered and target clientele expanded greatly.  It was determined that the company needed to move to the next step of the vision and no longer only repairing computers for residential client, 1010Computers added a full service small business I.T. support department to the organization.  Now offering an array of services for both residential and small business customers, we continue to keep the vision in mind and expand our services, resources, partners, and procedures to make the most unique experience any client has ever encountered.


The 1010 Experience

We pride ourselves in being the most cost efficient option for I.T. services in GA, and we honor our Low Price Guarantee on all of our repairs and all of our hardware is comes backed with our 30-Day Hardware Warranty.  Those are only a few ways that we separate ourselves from the competition; our process consists of trained and experienced individuals providing services we stand behind 100%.  We believe in the power of technology and your experience will consist of state-of-the-art technology to provide you with real-time updates, emails, as well as a secure and personalized client portal to and keep track of all of your service notes, comments, questions, quotes, and invoices.


Experience the Experienced

Our staff is well versed with the field of I.T.  All employees are required to have either a college degree or a certification to perform work for our clients. Most of our employee’s currently are currently certified by CompTia A+ or have a college degree from a university.


1010Computers, LLC. where we KEEP I.T. SIMPLE!