System Imaging | Hard Drive Cloning



This has to be the greatest service since the internet for business owners.  As the business owner, I am certain that the computer(s) you utilize have not only tons of vital information, but also has email account settings, internet shortcuts, networking configurations, printer configurations, specialized software installed, software validations/activations and much more.  Now imaging a 1010Technician coming to your business and being able to create a backup copy to store in case of an unexpected hardware failure or virus.

That is not all!  This repair also greatly decreases the down time of our most precious computer devices.  Without the technician having to reset, re-install, and reconfigure each and every setting — they are all there on the last image backup.  Now imaging image a computer failure and you do not have this service.

Secure Your Valuables Today!

This Service Includes:

  • Creation of the devices current state for needed purposes
  • Saving of all data on device at time of image
  • Saving of all settings on device at time of image
  • Saving of all system modifications at time of image
  • Saving of all activated software and their configuration on device at time of image

To sum it up, after recovering a device from a system image it will be as if your issue never occurred eliminating you having to re-install and reconfigure all of your printers, network settings,     and other vital configurations.