Onsite Support Service Call 

$100|$150|$200 or $75/HR


Have a problem and don’t want to haul your computer to a store? Have a problem that has to be fixed in its current environment? Call us. We can help. We will gladly assist you with scheduling an appointment to have a 1010Tech come to your house or place of business to get your computer back on track.  Many small business owners require the benefits of a knowledgeable and experienced technicians to perform onsite tasks to restore issues but may not have the financial capacity to hire an entire IT department nor do they want to pay a horrifying hourly rate which could easily end in thousands for a single service call.  That is when we come into play.  Unlike our competitors, we do not charge horrifying hourly rates that may easily end in you paying a price that is out of the company’s budget — when you call 1010Computers, you know what your cost is going to be.  You will be charged a Tier I service charge which consists of any device that is not working on a company network (including domain or peer-to-peer) or a Tier II service charge which includes devices that are connected via one of the above networking structures.

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Tier I Service Call: ($100) Service calls for beginner businesses that do not have a network or the network consists of only a few computers.

Tier II Service Call: ($150) Service calls for medium-large size businesses that network consist of professional printers, switches, hubs, servers, or VPN’s.

Emergency Service Call: ($200) Service calls that prevent the entire office from performing one or more tasks.

Note: Hourly rates are also an option for clients to choose; The hourly rate is $75.00/HR Non-Emergency and $100.00/HR Emergency.  Clients must choose and one price model; switching price models is not allowed.

This Service Includes:

  • A 1010Tech troubleshooting 1 laptop, desktop, printer, switch, hub, router, or company device using a combination of expertise and tool
  • One-On-One time with a 1010Technician to help resolve your issue(s)
  • Allocated time to ask any questions you may have for the 1010Tech
  • Test operating system for proper functionality
  • A written summary of your service call 

*Mobile services are by appointments only  *1010Computers does not warrant software repairs but offers a 1/2 price 30-day warranty on virus removal.  *The minimum for a corporate service calls is $100.00.  *The service charge is a  per device charge, and additional costs may be acquired if multiple devices are in need of service/repair. The technician will arrive within 15 minutes from the end of the appointment window and will stay onsite until 30 minutes after the end of the appointment window.  If no cancellation was made prior to the arrival of the tech, a $75.00 no-show fee will be added to the corporate account.