Server Building | Monitoring | Repair



What exactly is a server?  A server is a centralized device that may be setup to perform many tasks that are benificial to companies.  Servers not only function as a companywide storage facility that can securely access all of your vital data in case of a workstation failure but through (remote desktop services) we can setup your server so you can access all of the software, applications, information, from ANY computer in the world.  Many new specialized software vendors have versions of their software that has the option of being networked — allowing the entire office to be on the same accord and a server makes this much easier.  These are only a few of the many possible features of a server.

Can my company afford a server?  1010Computers caters to the small business arena and we have setup hardware agreements with local vendors that helps us to deliver servers to clients for much less than you would image.  If this sounds like something that interests you, and you would like more information on servers, call us today!

Centralizing Your Company!

This Service Includes:

  • The peace of mind of knowing your server is in the hands of professionals
  • Reduced onsite service call charges for hardware issues
  • Automated data backup scripts to help ensure the safety of your precious data
  • Server system imaging providing decreasing down time in the case of a disaster
  • Admin assistance for issues like password resetting and other management tasks
  • Monthly hardware checks to help prevent issues that would cause downtime from occurring

*Pricing above of $150.00 reflects individual labor costs for a service call relating to an issue involving a server.  *Clients with a 1010 managed service plan pay a total of $100.00/Month and receive all included preventative as well as disaster recovery measures.