Point-Of-Sale (POS) | Cash Registers



Computers make a lot of things easier in business, and for clients running retail businesses that would like the most robust way of completing daily in-store sales POS systems in your best option.  You can buy traditional registers that only calculate and print very basic receipts for clients or you can print very detailed receipts with PO#’s, date/time stamps, your company heading, and your terms and conditions of each and every receipt.  POS systems are also able to keep track of inventory, employee clock time, customer information, and much more.  You will have the capabilities to instantly print reports (profit, inventory, sales, etc.)  The best part is we may be able to turn your current computer into a POS system — saving you $$$

Let us help make sales easier!

This Service Includes:

  • FREE full service POS or accounting software
  • 60-Day of remote assistance and training
  • Setup of backup configuration to ensure data’s safety
  • Optional components including but not limited to: Automatic cash drawer, barcode scanner, display screen, total cost pole, credit card processor