1010Computers offers comprehensive IT Management Plans that allow you
to focus on your core business and customers while we ensure that your
entire I.T. operation runs seamlessly. For a fixed monthly cost each
month our team will handle everything from workstations to server to
remote monitoring through on site support. All of our IT services
(excluding Maintenance) are conducted on site.

No network infrastructure can operate efficiently with proper
maintenance being performed regularly. Maintenance on your network
can be viewed as maintenance on your vehicles. If you don’t change the
oil its eventually going to ruin the engine and cost more to fix then
it would have been to get the oil changed regularly. Our maintenance
procedures ensure your systems are optimized 100%, problems are resolved at the initial stage, outages are prevented, and recovery is available.

** Try us for 30 Days and if your’re not 100% satisfied we’ll refund your monthly cost **

Complete Solution Packages


Executive Package:

                             Initial Response Time: 4 hours

                             Support hours: 7:00 am to 10:00 PM (Monday thru Saturday)

                             Monthly Support Hour Breakdown: 

                                                                           10 hours – Services and Support

                                                                           4 hours – Monitoring and Maintenance 

Unlimited Remote Support Sessions

Staff Training


$ 1,000 

Standard Package:

                             Initial Response Time: 8 hours

                             Support hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 PM (Monday thru Friday)

                             Monthly Support Hour Breakdown: 

                                                                           7 hours – Services and Support

                                                                           2 hours – Monitoring and Maintenance (Antivirus & Recovery Images Only)

Unlimited Remote Support Sessions


 $ 500

Starter Package:

                             Initial Response Time: 24 hours

                             Support hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 PM (Monday thru Friday)

                             Monthly Support Hour Breakdown: 

                                                                           6 hours – Services and Support

 $ 300

Monitoring & Maintenance

                             Includes: 40 systems (any combination of workstations and servers is acceptable)

                             Response time: NA

                             Support hours: NA

                             Maintenance is done outside of normal business hours

 Perform the following on all workstations and servers:

  • Agentless monitoring so there’s no software installed on any systems
  • Complete 24×7 monitoring coverage
  • All major andor critical issue’s are resolved immediately
  • Minor alerts are left to customer discretion
  • System performance analysis and optimization
  • Specialized patch management
  • Hardware degradation prevention
  • Provide monthly reports detailing all maintenance and results.
  • Hardware degradation monitoring and analysis 

Monthly reports detailing the following:

  • Number of alerts by severity per system
  • Number of alerts by severity per system
  • Preventative maintenance performed