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Welcome to the CRC.  Here is where you can learn and utilize several items/tools that we have setup to make your experience as pleasant and convienent as possible. 

1010 Ticket Support System

Item Summary

Our (TSS) Ticketing Support System is state-of-the-art technology, designed to provide each client realtime updates on every repair, service request, or IT project.  The logic behind the ticketing system is for each service we provide, we assign a unique ID#.  Each step of the repair that is performed by the 1010Technician or the project manager will be updated in our ticketing system, and you will instantly receive all updates via email.  At the bottom of the initial email there will be a quick-link that will allow you to view your ticket status right from your email.  Once you have logged into the TSS you can upload any further information you feel will assist the 1010Technician in repairs your computer or completing your project.  If you have files that need to submitted to the project manager to complete your request, you can simply upload them to the ticket, allowing all information to be located in a centralized location.  This will eliminate misunderstanding, delays, and will create time stamped history of your repair for you to review and any time in the future.

(Click Image Above To Access The  1010TSS)